I am romanticized as modern-day hot blond from chick romantic comedies.
I am (sarcastic as) butt-throbbing (spankings).
I am characterized as sweet & delicate cotton-candies, and visualized to lick lollipops.
(I turn people into stones.)
They (don’t) know me.

I am recognized by my thighs and my bosom.
I get people high (then I pop their brains on rock-bottoms).
I tilt my face toward the tender profile (for a reason).
I am mostly spring-like (till I hit my season).

I am (ghastly), most likely to suck (their souls).
I am a face of every household.
I am (not) meant for cowards. They surround me
and say I walk like a serpent.
(I am a mother monster.)
They (don’t) know me.

I giggle my ass off on their (lame) jokes.
I am like a pet (till I swallow them whole).
I push them (to their knees) by my two fingers.
I kiss their (filthy) mouths; rub them with the sensual hug.
(I am just the tip of an iceberg.)

I am a modern-day (cold-blooded) hot blond
(not) for the shallow.

– Image found on MindCore

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    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      Thank you Reena!

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