I’m your best friend. I’m your worst enemy.
I’m your trump card. I’m your lost bet.
I’m scrambled pages. I’m smudged ink.
I’m your best poem you threw in the trash.
I’m the story you’ve forgotten about.
I am the idea yet to be born in your head.
I’m dead sea. I’m a rogue meteoroid.
I’m about to crash on your bed.

I’m the twisted wrist. I’m the shoulder you broke.
I’m the bitter medicine that you spit.
I’m semicolon. I’m apostrophe.
I’m your lowest point. I’m the upper limit.
I’m an infection that makes you immune.
I’m the one you need, but must not possess.
I’m the stone tied around your legs.
I’m the helping hand you wish not to grab.

I’m teeth-baring monster. I’m nirvana.
I’m life-threatening prophecy. I’m a message misread.
I’m a mountaineer monk. I’m nymphomaniac.
I’m the smell of rain. I’m the rain of acid.
I’m the brain of a writer. I’m the thoughts of a slut.
I’m the foundation of quantum leap. I’m a collapsing pyramid.
I’m energy. I’m a bad combination of yin and yang.
I’m the state of REM. I’m the worst nightmare.

– Image found on Onedio

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