I’ve been there.
Underneath your clothes.
Our bodies wrapped in our fluids,
as close as could be possible in physical realm
but diving even deeper into the depths of unknown spirituality
like voyager 1.

I’ve felt
your soft places getting hard to my touch
and the hardest parts softening at once.

I’ve loved you
over and over again
so many times
that you integrated in my DNA.
We all are made of stars
but I know a part of me
is also made of you.

I’ve been with you
since this whole concept
of consciousness began.
I’ll be with you till it continues to repeat
and finally ends.

I’ve had you, forever.
I just don’t have you in this iteration
that’s what makes it easy to fall in love
but everything else so difficult.

I’ll have you again
in another iteration,
when the one messing with our reality isn’t messing around,
when you’ll carry the void of this iteration,
and release into love.
That’s how this story will end.

– Mark Harless

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