This place in my head

We've had our encounters. 
We've reached to the count that's almost indivisible.
We've done damages to each other. 
It's now irreversible. 
You shout out to the world. 
Curse me for being a part of your life.
I guess, I won't avoid you anymore. 
What if I make you invisible?

We'd started off together, 
around six years ago, 
on this dry leaves laden path, 
for our maiden journey toward something mesmerizing. 
Look what we left behind – 
some to cherish, some to ponder on, 
some to curse but none to relive ever again. 
The path we had chosen was just one-way, 
and we've come a long long way from any possible crossroads. 
And I just hope that you're way too far away
from this place in my head.
– Adv4life


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