A lifetime is often too late

Had he told her the moment he saw her he knew she was his soulmate, she would’ve been scared, just like she was when he told her that he felt meeting her was a part of his destiny.

Had he told her that he knew all her insecurities, lost dreams, and lifelong miseries, she would’ve been scared for she had never opened her heart to anyone and there was no chance he would’ve known all that by just looking at her.

Had he told her that he could study her his whole life, sitting by her side, because she was so amusingly complex, she would’ve been scared because she had never had known a man who talked or thought like that. For her someone so deep had never existed.

So he watched her spending her time with the people who didn’t deserve her. Although he believed in letting love go and its coming back in right time, he was scared that he was losing her even before having a chance to prove himself.

Then his friends said some people will take a lifetime understanding that depth.

And he replied, she can take all her time, it’s not that I can’t wait. But a lifetime is often too late.

– Sasu Riikonen

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  1. This made me sigh with ancient longing…so good, the ache.

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