Unfinished – V

A disputed queen of destruction* 
as if she were secretly mating with the hounds.
Her eyes penetrated shadows. Her soul was vantablack abound.
She chewed her buccal, shunned the appalling swines.
Often she suffered but eventually turned out fine.
Daunting damsel, she had a lot to offer
other than howl, hunt, hurt or hiss.
Haunted by her could’ve been exhilarating
But already frustrating these chances missed.

* A group of wild cats

– Google Images

11 Comments Add yours

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    should I blow a whistle for this piece? Amazingly written!

  2. James Pyles says:

    As I look at the image, the body could be a man’s but I found it more interesting to make her a woman.

  3. I looked briefly and like your stuff. I am just wondering why you liked my piece that’s in Finnish? Puhuks sä suomea? Or are you fishing for followers? I will anyways, when time spend some time reading your stuff, but leaves a Bitter taste, the emotion of being bated..

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      No, I don’t speak Finnissh, I realized content on my browser is auto-translated and I read it in English. I liked what you’ve written.

    2. Thanks, even though god knows how some of the things were translated 🙂

  4. Sorry to disturb you, but what translator you use? I have no problem with english, but would be nice to read in other languages. I tried “Julian Burroughs” with google translator, and while there were sentences and even groups of sentences that made some point, overall I found it impossible to read and get the truth, let alone the whale truth (#whaletruth songs that carry through oceans in what I guess was accurate before human noise pollution, so maybe whales get what google translator gave me.. Horrible thought, Whale truth being so distorted).
    I’m really liking your stuff! Aiming to better myself too, though my real passion is graphic novels..

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      No worries,
      I use google translator. It is not accurate but gives somewhat better output when translating into English. Its quality also varies from language to language.

    2. Ok, well I’m glad you liked it even as it was. To me, as I know how it should be it was quite horrible and mangled 😊, though usually Finnish translates pretty well with Google.

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