I’m not apt to demonstrate that I care but you would know if I do. This is how I function.
You function otherwise, even to the people you shouldn’t. I get this part of you. But this is not the thing that keeps us apart. There are many. Don’t get me started there.

People use to be worried about having bad memory. Mine is a different case. I’m a victim of my superpower. I never forget. My brain has still got noted all the things you said or not, but always meant. The things your fingers waved to doublequote.

I am, you see, a victim of my imagination, fueled by your suggestions (intended or reactive, only you would know better). I’m a writer. And I’ve been trapped in the noose of my muse. I’m just trying to set myself free before it gets too late. I know you don’t deserve this, but darling neither do I. Do you get it?

So if you care, let me know sometime. I won’t mind that.

– Andrea Torres

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