That old me

I miss me.
The heartbroken one.
Rejected, hungry and broke.
Struggling with the whole world against me.
But still fighting.
Not giving up on the hopes for a better tomorrow.

There was a tingling sensation in the tears dripping down my cheeks.
There was an unexplainable satisfaction in the lost dreams.
When the force to fight and fight was undying.
When I wished to burn the whole world down, but had an urge to stay kind.
I miss the driving force
That the hard-time had hung on my back
without me asking for it.
That unprepared I was smashed on a lazy Sunday with.

When the hollow of my heart was filled with creative juices.
When the lightening was struck many times on the same wounds.
I hound that agony, that constant dissatisfaction
that had ripped me wide open
and made me do my best.
‘cause I was left with no choice.

A fighter has nothing to do at the safe harbor.
He belongs to the battlefield.
I miss that soldier in me.

I miss me.
Deprived and dejected.
The one who could see no silver-lining
but had worked day and night for a sky full of thousand Suns.
The one who had been cheated
but had still had hopes in humanity.
Who had no one by his side.
Who stayed strong on his beliefs
even when the entire world was going crazy
over greed, lust, and prosperity.

I don’t admire the rainbows all around me.
I am just lost in luxury.
I miss that old me.


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  1. niceeeee you have great potencial

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