Together Never | Section 55


A calm topaz sea, illuminated like crystals in the sunlight. Everything was completely visible and peacefully serene, yet without the source of light in the clear sky, the time of the day was hard to predict.

Neal was standing at the beach, waiting. Although he came into consciousness just at the moment, it felt as if he had been waiting since ages. Perhaps because it had been a long time seeing Marisa. It was his first visit here, but everything was so familiar as if he had been here many times before.

Waiting for Marisa, intuitively knowing she could be there at any moment, he looked at the calm sea. The sea waves were drifting in and out in a rhythm, as if composing music. The sound of water was indeed a melody. He slowly breathed and filled fresh salty air in his lungs. It was fulfilling, but the emptiness…

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