Broken Diamonds

She was a broken diamond.
Used by all; appreciated by none.
Her eyes were the gateway to distant stars.
And her heart was a fractured monument.

Now and then, she hid beneath tables.
Her heartstrings, strumming like broken cables.
Yet she was an ideal instrument.
But her dreams were mostly barren.

And she wore a smile that gave people a reason to live.
And she laughed as if she’d die the next day.
Then she cried wrapped in curtains.
Oh, she did that very often.

He roamed around like a mayday airplane.
He feared to crash, but kept on flying.
He was sensitive, overly reactive.
But his heart was like a diamond… broken.

His intellect was now a laughable pulp.
His life was like a flickering bulb.
He tried very hard, but could not cry.
He stayed true, though wrapped in infinite lies.

And he told them that he would fight hard.
But he fell often in many shards.
Yet he dreamed of love on distant stars.
His heart was as strong as diamond, but it was still a heart.
He fell apart.

And then they met on a crossroad.
And… and it happened.

– Unknown

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