She won’t go wrong

Confined in impassable space,
Her life’s a set of crossing lines.
With every pause at each wrong place,
She’s cramping to the sidelines.

Teardrops gash her beautiful face.
She’s a dying, innocuous song.
Wild implosions beneath her case,
But she keeps on keeping strong.

Insisting her efforts in assuaging demons,
Her days remain irrevocably consistent.
She is an ossuary, a silent, chaffing enigma.
Her eyes close against a rape of syllables.

Every day is a burst, a bruise,
Spinning along an infinite windstorm.
Wild implosions beneath her case,
But she keeps on keeping strong.

(She) reminisces in shades of winter –
Pale as stale-bouquet of funeral carnations.
There is no reconciling the past
With her current abrasions.
Just one window – three panels thick,
And the wind stung of rancid meat effluvium.

Her sky succumbs on evanescing nebulae,
Trussing in deafening gong.
Her pieces shooting in outer space,
But she keeps on keeping strong.
She won’t go wrong,
No, she won’t.

Written by Nekneeraj and Yves K Morrow. Visit her stunning blog, if you haven’t already.
Anna O. Photography

4 thoughts on “She won’t go wrong

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  1. You two did an amazing job with this – it reflects both voices and yet unites them as well, with just enough ease yet tension to keep it all from getting lost. And it was/is an excellent exploration of human determination and resilience.

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