But you said you won’t go

But you said you wont go | Photo Credit: free-hdwallpapers.com
But you said you wont go | Photo Credit: free-hdwallpapers.com

I find myself standing on the way alone,
You were walking with me a moment back,
Wondering where have you gone,
Trying to overcome finding a reason appropriate,
Ruined is the world we were about to create,
What am I supposed to do, what should I show,
I am sad because you left and because you said you won’t go,
Every word you ever said I will always believe,
But the grief of my heart how will I release,
Address me the place I’ll come to meet again,
There must be a home where together we can remain,
I know you will come every night in my dreams,
But I won’t be able to defy myself from the morning screams,
You are there somewhere watching me from the sky,
Hoping me to let you go, you’re believing in a lie,
I don’t blame you it is the God in the greed,
He has called you to satisfy His selfish need,
I’ll search hard to find out that mighty door,
I’ll reach your God, convenience Him that I need you more,
He is almighty He can get anyone He puts His finger on,
I am sad because you said you won’t go and you’re gone…



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  1. she would come and go…but leave you with unending love and unmistakable aura of pure bliss ! cherish her…

  2. People promise you that they won’t go but if they really love you they will always find one reason to stay and never let you down. Even if they try to leave you, the bond is so strong they will always, always come back. Trust me, it’s a fact… 🙂

  3. Love…as unending as death. Even long after the relationship. There it rests. In your heart. (see I told you I’d be reading, just writing vacation:) )

  4. love remains, bonds remain, only people leave…

  5. Dark, deep, passionate… wonderful work! 🙂

  6. Your work often leaves me speechless!

  7. This piece spoke to me. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. good luck convincing God… when He wants someone special with Him, there’s no way to fight it! That was beautiful Neeraj! 🙂

  9. This is beautiful.. I could relate

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