Kiss at sight

Strings clamped to the clouds above my head,
Attached to the corners of my psyche,
I’m viciously infatuated with your body scent,
I’m craving to cuddle on your lap
Like a stray, needy baby elephant;

You’ve got all your pieces at right places,
Emerging in an enigmatic prophecy,
It’s a pull I cannot avoid dragging into,
Going away from you is a hundred G-force;

Crushing my strength on atomic level,
You rush in my veins like smoldering magma,
I’m as helpless as a trapped rabbit,
My thoughts – stung by the air you exhale –
Exposing, escalating my dark secrets;

I need you like I need sharp-cuts in my throat.
You already cause me bleed inside.
It’s not a warning, but a promise.
Next time you trespass on my dreams,
You’ll be kissed at sight.

Spare me,
Or embrace like you’re my death,
Love me,
Or I’m afraid I’ll kill myself,
Kiss me,
Damn, kiss me right now.

Written for Photo Challenge #104 at MindLoveMisery’sMenagery

pulled by clouds- Brooke Shaden
Brooke Shaden

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    1. Coming it from someone like you means a lot. I’ve seen some of your incredible work, and i’m excited to go through it in detail. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me with a smile.

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