Rising from the Ashes

I have been there, in deepest of the hell.
I have been through that
When you have so much to say,
But nobody to tell.
I’ve crawled on burning charcoal.
Had everyone around,
But no one really to hold.

I’ve breathed in awful places,
The austere bedrooms and cold embraces,
I’ve been in love with eldritch souls but beautiful faces.
I’ve licked their ominous lips,
Ascertaining my apocalypse.

I knew the date of my demise.
I’d accurately calculated the collapse of my premise.
Yet I’d refused to bend or mend.
I could never be someone who could cheat or dodge.
I could’ve sailed through it all,
Only if I had a friend.

And when I am here again,
Rising from the ashes,
Take it, take it as a promise
That I will not repeat my mistakes,
That I will not forget
How it feels to be at the bottom of lonely lakes.

As I’m rising from the ashes,
Should you be worried?
Hell yes.

I wrote this piece in a rush. I wanted to make it lyrical, but thought that it should rather be just a poem at this point of time. I’m leaving it like this, with lingering rhymes, so that if I wish I can make relevant changes in future, I can. I hope you liked it.

Suggestions? Please share.

Written for Photo Challenge #105 at MLMM. Follow the link and participate, if you wish to.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen-28

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