On your tongue

Right under my feet is shaking.
My mind loves to babble too much;
Stumped it’s now,
Its time it’s taking.
I know my face, what does it say.
I’m trying but I’m not good at faking.
So eventually
You would know
that my dreams are in the making,
and then you would try
but cannot stop me
from tasting my mouth
on your tongue

I’ve just got to realize
that I need to, for another minute,
scan you by my eyes
‘til my lascivious molecules would keep breaking,
and in the middle of this chemical reaction,
may my expressions would tell
that you’re fucking my mind.
It’s my mental virginity,
You’re taking.
So you may try
but cannot stop me
from tasting my mouth
on your tongue

Photo Credit: 8tracks.com
Photo Credit: 8tracks.com

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  1. When I feel the words I am privileged to read, I know I have found a site I will love. I have read only two posts thus far but captivated I am by your craftsmanship in writing. Kindly, Belinda.

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