I like to think,
This is just a pause,
I’ve got my legs stuck in the swamp,
That slowed me down till the point
From where I appear almost static,
And one day I will be able to get out from here,
To start a new chapter,
But I know,
My life has reached on a period,
Nothing will ever exist beyond this point,
I’m tied in shackles with this black dot
And roaming around it in circles,

I can jump,
I can dance,
I can dream,
And do everything else a normal person can,
But I’ve got my limits defined now;

I sit on it and wear a smile on my face,
I try to look presentable and happy
To the people passing by,
With their new sentences and stanzas of life,
And I wish them, the best, from the bottom of my heart;

And sometimes
I like to cut-off from everyone,
And take a look back
At the stanzas and paragraphs
From where I jumped and fell,
At all the sentences which were once
A part of me,
With a fainting smile and dying desire
I wish if I could have added a different metaphor here and there,
But couldn’t,

And then I fall asleep on it,
Hoping to never wake again.


Ball and chain by Serutplucs @
Ball and chain by Serutplucs @

14 thoughts on “Period.

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  1. This is definitely something i could read over and over again and find different tones and shades every time to soothe my heart. You are the master of words. Dont ever lose that.

  2. i so agree with Chatty Owl – this piece is a cornucopia of interpretations and feelings. i cannot pick just one because I i feel them all. Interesting thought I just had – a period seems so defining, yet, in many ways it is not. by itself it is, but when paired with a few more, it seems endless…

  3. You have done an incredible job here, Neeraj! Absolutely stunning and your penultimate stanza was killing. It was almost I was reading something that is present in the corner of my mind – an unconscious self. Nice!

    1. I wrote it couple of years back, when it’d been a long time feeling stuck on a dot. I never want anyone to feel that way, even if in unconsciousness. I hope and wish everything great for you.

    1. Thank you Mehak (Pretty Name, and if this is you in the gravatar then I must mention that you’ve a pretty face too). I am looking forward to explore your blog.

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