Lovebreak (5 Haikus)

This frost of your breath
Twirling, twisting on my tongue
Wouldn’t let me rest, love.

Anesthetize me
Snippets of your cold embrace
We’ve run out of flames.

Mercy! If you can,
I’m already withering,
Accelerate, please.

Is that blood we wear?
Is our love already dead?
Have we chewed it off?

It is the dead-end,
It is where our love succumbs.

After being away from writing poems, I’m really finding it hard to tame my thoughts. Please bear with me for rough edges. I’m hoping to come out of it soon.

– Denys Ilin


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  1. Looks like it’s coming out nicely to me. Thanks for the recent Like. Look forward to checking out the rough edges. 🙂

  2. The hint of irony in each of these snippets is incredible! Well done…

  3. This is, for me, the utter epitome of now. Thank you for writing this.

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