The Death of a Poet by Hira Nazir

Enslaved in the fetters;
She popped off –
Every time she tried to gasp;
Her springy lungs collapsed –
Into many fragile crumbs,
The wind pipe curtailed –
Curbing the air, to get inside her
And let the numb soul revive again…

She was, a belle of innocence
Dangling baffled, in an intricate net –
This nipped her, with vigor;
Lynching her desires,
Lazing the requires
And ceasing all that aspires…

Fighting with the doom,
She bushed her might;
Turned into rebellion,
Yelled, bawled and flouted
But all in futile,
For she was –
But a, sheer fall…

Standing stumped,
At the same junction –
Of that puzzled divergence,
She broke into tears;
With a soul so fraught,
A mind too wrought,
And a heart, that’s slot…

Like a lost voyager
In the intense silence of night;
She was gone a strayed –
In the cluster of her thoughts,
A chronicle of memoirs –
Those esteemed writings in her hands,
The pen, pencils and all the sheets;
Scattered around was her asset, BUT –
Lost were the words, the lyrics and rhymes…

Gawking with hollow eyes,
At the blank pages, she sobbed
Her nerves felt the throb,
The heart missed a beat,
The soul surpassed a breathe
And she was shattered into chips –
Those stretched on the cold floor;
For she realized, moment of cessation
The poet of her inside died;
Profession won the battle –
Passion puffed away;
Leaving behind a lifeless lump –
Of rotten flesh, weaken bones and no spirit.

A Poem By Hira Nazir

Kyle Thompson



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  1. what an amazing description of a poet!! SO GOOD Neeraj! I haven’t had time to read much lately, so I hope you and yours are well! 🙂

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