Define Death

My heart is a collection of broken pieces,
Skillfully designed to malfunction,
Its hiccups and goose-bumps
Get my expiration a little closer,
And the vibrations shake my life a little farther from me;
I am dying a slow, painful death,
Waiting for a glimpse of your face,
And I know it’ll be more painful, if you turned-up,
But I have no choice any way;
Its swallowed expulsions,
Its decapitated beats,
Aren’t just enough to kill me fast,
Why don’t you come,
Get some, old, cold kisses,
Expedite this whole process,
And define death;
Can you do this?

loneliness awaiting death

5 thoughts on “Define Death

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  1. Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow, shakespeare was so right and you too. It is nice to know there are a few sensitive men left in the world …there is a book by Anis Nin, “in favour of sensitive men” or something like that, today is her birthday, and your poem is a great gift! the image works well!

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