Death of Her Breath

That feathery touch of her fingers
Dropping into a sluggish serpentine track on my chest
And circling around my aroused nipples;

That curling of toes and pressing her breasts on my chest to match our heights;

That urgency of her soft lips into mine;

That mist of her visible breath –
Filling my nose with her warm sensual gust,
And leaving her drops in my mouth;

And that urge of her tongue
Grabbing my soul
And slowly pulling it out;

I didn’t know
Death could be so alive,
So breathtaking.

She shouldn’t have left me… living.



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  1. Wow, so provoking. Love this piece

  2. Love it

  3. sensual love it

  4. This has a real sensual energy! Great one

  5. Dear Neeraj, I am trying to write you an email, but it keeps giving me Delivery notification error. I have no clue why, seeing it worked fine a day ago. Just letting you know why I appear as not answering!

  6. So beautiful

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