Death of Her Breath

That feathery touch of her fingers
Dropping into a sluggish serpentine track on my chest
And circling around my aroused nipples;

That curling of toes and pressing her breasts on my chest to match our heights;

That urgency of her soft lips into mine;

That mist of her visible breath –
Filling my nose with her warm sensual gust,
And leaving her drops in my mouth;

And that urge of her tongue
Grabbing my soul
And slowly pulling it out;

I didn’t know
Death could be so alive,
So breathtaking.

She shouldn’t have left me… living.


29 thoughts on “Death of Her Breath

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  1. Dear Neeraj, I am trying to write you an email, but it keeps giving me Delivery notification error. I have no clue why, seeing it worked fine a day ago. Just letting you know why I appear as not answering!

    1. Since I’m receiving every other mail, I’m worried the problem might be with your email. Either the size of the email is too much or the space your emailbox occupies on hotmail is huge.

    2. I was just about to write to you here and your notification popped up! The size might be the problem, cause they are forcing cloud uploads lately, I will look into it! Although, it happened before and the error message was there, instead of just a delivery failure. I can also send other people emails and they receive it normally :/

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