You pollute her pollen

Your bigoted stare upon her skin

Etiolate the shine of her nail-paint,

The glitter of her eyes is often chained

In your conceited masculinity,


The pollen of her perfume

Is afraid to float free in the breeze,

Her vivacious laugher is bolted down,

And her soul is in deep-freeze,


The whistle of your joyous grin

Shakes the hell out of her ribcage,

She cannot breathe in fumes of your spirit,

Around your circled vicinity,


O’ man,

Look around the mess you’ve created,

How much you’ve been cursed and hated,

Give your manhood a much needed elevation,

She only needs a courteous admiration.


Win her heart if you can;

Be a man.



Sugar and spice
Image by Mermaid @ SugarsNSpice on twitter

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