Sane till tomorrow

Stretch our veins till empyreal realm,
Scratch a track for barren broken dreams,
Stick our nails in skulls of martyrs,
And crack apertures, reach their memories,
Then call us lunatics,
For we hunt apathy and dread,
Be better than fanatics: bloodcrows indeed,
And treasure humanity,

Vociferate for what we loved and lost,
Get drenched in ethanol and velvety sorrow,
Climb to the roof-top and fly high white clouds,
Let them know we are sane till tomorrow,
Then un-bolt our heartbeats, cleanse our souls in tears,
Let the gust blow-away pollen of their dried blood,
Live our fascination for psychedelic dreams,
It’s our atelier; we feel no fear,

Drop all obsequious sobs,
Cross our pinker areolae,
We maybe at the zenith of our losses,
But we’re winning the battle,
Gather around the wide round table,
Elucidate loud our vague murmurs,
Kiss etiolated but stoic faces of our heroes,
Lay them on hearse till retribution.

For Wordle#88, Wordle#89, and Wordle#90 at MLMM

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  1. So happy to see you! Wowza incorporating 3 Wordles and so brilliantly and so concisely, now that takes a master

  2. This was a pretty heavy take on the prompts that kept building with every line. Brilliantly done.

  3. wow!!! amazing one Neeraj!!

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