So Gone

I miss your warm words tumble down my throat, reach the bottom of my psyche, and melt with a long hiss. I miss your long bare legs dressed in moisture, smoky mascara eyes, and lips eager for a kiss. This wind blows through me our awesome time, and I feel vulnerable amid rousing sputtering sensation in my mind. Please be just a little kind, I murmur again and I know that you know I miss you more in winters without the heat of your skin on my skin.

What could be a life without the warmth of a lover like you?

My finger-bones preserve the softness of your lips and the words they begged for me to stay. I sense the soft grip of your hand on my wrist and our fidgeting fingers trying to play. The dying song whispering in my ears reminds me of our escaping heartbeats, and the world around me pushes me inside you further deep. No, I cannot keep pretending that I can stay away. I didn’t know just a round around the corner could’ve dragged you so far from me.

What could be a life without the warmth of a lover like you?

I held you for awhile, smelled your hair that reach your hips. That same shampoo I tried, but it didn’t do the magic. Your breath that beat the smell of rain and that gap-toothed grin; I doubt I would get fortunate to live-through those again. Your eyebrows arching the question-mark when I slipped my hands in your clothes were the bows that shot me arrows. And I know even my whole life would feel short if I went on adoring you, and this sorrow won’t just go.

What could be a life without the warmth of a lover like you?

Come and watch me die. I am not sure I can keep up with it anymore.

Why are you so gone in a flash?

- Maciej Koniuszy
– Maciej Koniuszy


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  1. Beautifully written I enjoy a story the shows the story.

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      Thank you, I appreciate it.

  2. Strangely I think I was this girl in some guy, a guy’s similar story that I start wondering is this THAT universal of a beautiful tragedy?

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