Few Things Spiral

You would wonder,
What I’m doing these days,
After years stretched between us,
I wonder that too;

Do you still like to talk till you fall asleep?
And want to tweak nose when you feel affectionate?
Who you share your secrets with?
After all, I’m your biggest secret now;

Do you know?
The distance between us is still same,
As it first came in existence – just five miles,
Isn’t it weird?
Because it appears as if I’m in different galaxy,
So far away from our spiral one;

Ah spiral,
Does it ring a bell?
Or are you still bad at recalling?
Alright, I tell you,
That was our favorite candy from childhood,
Remember now?
For which you punched in my nose,
So hard that it bled,
And I hated you,
So much that I never wanted to love you again,
But it was inevitable,
Like we breathe anyway,
And next day when you came to apologize,
Though I had already forgiven you,
I couldn’t stop pretending that I was angry,
After all, it was my turn,
So I had my revenge,
By asking you to share a candy with me everyday,
And you fell in my spiral trap;

When we were in high school,
Recalling it, made us laugh so hard,
That our tummies twisted and ached,
Then you kissed me every time, to apologize;
I didn’t want to make you feel miserable,
But I was already addicted to your kisses,
And by then you had spoiled me enough;

I wonder,
If you would be interested,
To catch up for a candy sometime,
The same spiral one,
I would love to taste a punch,
Maybe, that’s the only way,
We fall in spiral again.
What do you think?

- Jsp7707
– Jsp7707

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Valida Faire says:

    Oh MY, this is deeply moving, and stunning.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    You know, distance is such a fickle thing. Wish it didn’t affect people…

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      I wonder when five miles can feel like out of galaxy, what thousand miles would feel then? Any guess?

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