Become Who? (New Title)

Covered in linen –
The color of moonlit sky,
Miss the usual leather boots,

Toes hurt, but comforted of marble floor –
Cold and white,
And the room is, as lit
As only for the eyes
Those lived in dark too long;

Walls: pulled by cigarettes reek,
Windows: sealed in thin cotton warriors,
Prohibiting everything,
Suddenly alien,

Lines of destiny,
Pressed on a pencil,
Veins: green and carved,
At the back of hand,

Threatening to toss,
A walk
Leads to mirror,
The only friend;

Falls a wash of white,
A blinding light,
And bounces back,
At only enemy known,

This plain of face,
I know, needs to be sketched,
But the question remains,
Who I want to be, now?

Image Credits:
Image Credits:

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