- Kimerajam
– Kimerajam

Inside her head,
The voices won’t shut,
She sails every void,
Digs any deep but,
The demon cannot be escaped,
That lives so close,

Beneath her skin,
A pack of molecules weep,
No fangs, no bones, no skin,
Nor it has to really creep,
The demon’s capable,
To swell till extremities;

Then one day,
It chose to repel,
Swelled till her ears lost blood,
Muted all voices,
Like calm commencing storm,
Poof! It disappeared,

Since then,
Tangled in her bones,
Insecurity interlaced,
Vacuum won’t stop whistling,
Silence slowly slaughtering,
No more she can keep;

Guess, the noises still had a range,
But this silence has got
Just one hue.

Written for Photo Challenge#55 at MLMM


25 thoughts on “HUE of SILENCE

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  1. A very captivating and interesting piece of poetry that sails in form – as prompted by the image. (I see the pages and “sheets” in the image and I make a connection with your ideas). Good job of it 😀

  2. Fascinates me to think about silence having a color or hue…I’m thinking now that there are different kinds of silence, thus there will probably be a full spectrum of hues. Now you’ve got me inspired to write…

    I wonder if it’s okay to say something personal? Are you as intimidating as your photo/gravatar appears? When I’ve “seen” you at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, hosting a prompt–I’ve been a little afraid. However, you were so complimentary about my Madwoman’s Crown–that I thought “looks can be deceptive”. Hope this doesn’t sound altogether silly/mindless– And, thank you for following my blog; I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    1. Haha.. and I thought I look sexier that way. Lol. Looks can be deceptive, indeed. Don’t go by the looks, I always struggle to smile at camera.

      Hope you’re having a great time there.

    2. Maybe it’s sexy to gals who are attracted to “bad boy” types… I’m not looking, by the way–I’m old and happily alone–but I’m easily intimidated, so I sometimes ask, rather than wonder.

    3. No, to answer your first question, I would be far from what my photo says. You’ll come to know that if you hang around awhile. All I can say, sometimes you need a hard shell to protect your delicate interior.

    4. Thank you for your kind reply–and I SO agree about the last part; being a woman alone, and suffering from the aging process–I walk around with a squinty scowl to rival Eastwood!! Nobody messes with this little fat woman! Unfortunately we live in a world where a hard shell is only reasonable. Very nice to be meeting you, Nekneeraj (I fear I’ll misspell that for sure sometime)–you’re welcome to call me Val, short and easy. Have a blessed day!

    5. Nice to meet you Val, you can call me Neeraj, that’s my real name. I’ll stick around more often later in the year for I’m still working on second draft of my first fiction. Till then, you’ll find me occasionally on and off.

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