Serendipitously they bump into each other,

Slowly their things appear scattering around,

Elegantly she falls upon him,

Instinctively he cushions her from potential damages,

Simultaneously everything else vanishes,

Softly he holds her fragile shoulders,

Unevenly her heartbeat dips and climbs,

Tenderly their breaths intermingle,

Quizzically their eyes meet,

Dimly they illuminate,

Helplessly he watches her flawless lips,

Briskly his heart shoots up in space,

Intimately he inhales her fragrance,

Hesitantly she tucks a strand behind her ear,

Momentarily they lay catching breath,

Amazingly it seems like forever,

Unfortunately they have to separate,

Unconvincingly he tries to apologies,

Lovingly his eyes keep fluttering,

Apparently her cheeks glow red,

Naively he stammers fidgeting words,

Tentatively she smiles,

Nervously he releases her hand,

Eventually her dimple deepens,

Unexpectedly she plants a kiss on his cheek,

Swiftly he falls even harder,

Merrily she can’t stop giggling,

Magically they linger together,

Perpetually magic keeps mounting up,

Hopelessly they rejoice,

Deeply rooted within each other,

Beautifully so.

- Pure-Poison89
– Pure-Poison89

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