Trespassing unknown properties,
Jumping in their swimming pools,
Making love submerged,
Till our bodies ache,
Or we’re caught red handed,

Running thereafter,
On sounds of gunfire,
With absolutely nothing on,
Except there’re droplets upon us,
And our midnight adventures,
Soaked in glittering laughter,
Exaggerate often;

Could it be crazier than that?

Making love on terrace,
Is not an absolute adventure,
Until it’s done under heating sun,
Watching vultures,
We, always needing more than life,
Going past over expectations;

Could it be crazier than that?
Don’t ask.

I didn’t ponder on to weigh,
The altitude of our madness,
Nor there was a need,
She was around and I was happy,
Finding my way down,
While rest of my body alleviated in joy,
‘What an expansion!’ I’d say;

Appreciating each other,
Talking with our lips glued,
Feeling her words in my gullet,
As they drop from her mouth into mine,
And a part of me hooked and ablaze with her skin,

We were different every night,
Than we were the night before,
Electrifying like a sexy cocktail,
Growing bigger,
A little better,
We were several;
And the best part was,
That in the end,
We were always one,
So fucking awesomely one,
That! That was the craziest thing ever.

But now we are just two,
And it sucks.

Photo Credits: Laura Makabresku

- Laura Makabresku
– Laura Makabresku

9 Comments Add yours

  1. This was very lovely to read. I appreciate you sharing it so I could take the a moment to enjoy it.


    1. Thank you reading. I’m glad to hear what you said.

  2. Nezra's Opiate says:

    Good Piece!

  3. Dana Renee says:

    Yes, becoming incomplete again does indeed suck. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. When pieces fall it sucks, even more when they kept together strongly.
      I appreciate your being around, Dana!

  4. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    It almost made me blushing… really very sensual, hot and good. Regards from Barcelona, Spain

    1. Oops, being a water sign sensuality comes naturally, just can’t help it, Lol.
      Thank you for reading and commenting, Rosa! I hope everything’s great out there.

  5. Noora says:

    That’s some good madness! Loved this piece – kept me hooked from beginning to end and left me wanting for more. You rock with words.

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