A sunny bright morning,
The wind is hot,
Delicate flowers chiefly tuck themselves,
Inside the leafy green umbrellas,
And those who do not have this luxury,
Are burnt already;
Stealing a glance,
I pass ahead feeling pity for the ones,
Who are still up for a fight,
With their tiny mildly-venomous thorns,
Eager to slit the neck of sunbeams,
‘They’ll all be dead soon,’
I mutter in sorrow.

I walk thinking:
‘What will be put on the graves of these poor flowers?
Once they finally rest in peace?’
Some water maybe,
As I try to find an answer,
The rising chill in my marrow,
Gets me the feeling,
Of uncomfortably being watched,
By many eyes together;

I raise my head upward,
(Only after taking few circles around,)
To find the eagles spinning over my head,
Probably hoping for me to stop the movements,
So they can plunge towards me,
Grab in their fangs,
And take me along on a ride,
Hanging in their grasps,
Their beaks shine in The Sun,
Like the swords of knights,
I know they lust to prick into me,
To fill their hungry stomach;

But I don’t run,
Knowing it’ll be more painful this way,
Instead it seems wiser to put a thought into ‘why?’
So I obey the voices of my heart once again,
And ask few questions to myself:

‘Is it that I’m dead already?’
‘Or you in me?’

And then I begin to smell the rotten meat beneath my collars.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderful tried to reblog but WP isn’t cooperating.

    1. Never mind, Gale. I get the compliment. Thank you!

    2. I will try again later I really liked it and want to share.

  2. Saya says:

    Nice poem…wonder why you chose eagles…the scene you created is more apt for a vulture ain’t it..

    1. Ain’t that a tricky put Saya? Eagle represents good while Vultures are always seen being nasty. Where eaten up by an eagle would mean getting purged and purified; Vultures would articulate straight death or more sorrow that way. Commonly in situations like these, people don’t see the hidden messages that dark can sometimes be a ray of hope. Smelling dead isn’t a good sign after all.

      Thank you for reading and putting across that question.

    2. Saya says:

      vultures are given nasty qualities by us..they are carrion eaters which help keep the environment clean..I was just putting a scientific point 🙂 eagles are not generally seen eating rotting flesh…

    3. Absolutely right, and this information rests within our head even when we are asleep. So when we dream of Eagles coming at us to eat the possible dead, would never mean anything bad at all. Dreams are certainly a different affair altogether. 🙂

    4. Saya says:

      🙂 nice thought..

  3. This poem is dark. I like it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Thank you!

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