In my bones,
You instill voltages,
In my veins,
Your fingers know,
When to be feather-like,
When to put pressure,
And where;

I’m a lotus petal,
As white as not white,
As soft as cloud,
You hold me not,
‘Cause that’ll make me,
Change color,
But you hold me,
And I ravish;

A bird,
You make me believe I’m,
The way your fingers,
Feel me,
As they mere,
Pass over,
Touching me,
So softly,
As if I’m fragile,
So much;

Weightless I am,
Only in my head,
As the liquid,
Flows from top,
To bottom,
The language of love you know
How to commune;

The kind of love,
I know, gleams
In me
In your embrace
As our lips press,
Honestly, no,
From this l-o-v-e,
I’m not immune;

Image Credits: Laura Makabresku

- Laura Makabresku
– Laura Makabresku

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