All along,
You were a squeaky wheel,
A perpetual grinding,
Your words: blustery,
And heart with no heart,
But I kept greasing,
‘Cause I loved you,

It was foam not the wool,
I knew but I let you waste..
My time letting you lay upon me,
Your tongue tasted bitter cocoa,
I kept sipping on you,
Ah, the bitter taste of love,

I loved you, perhaps;

You imprinted shadows,
On exteriors of my heart,
I didn’t want to notice,
The refractive intentions you had,
Hidden in the same shadow, perhaps,
I needed black burnishing,
To generate some warmth,
What if stimulated,
Or dangerous,

You boasted to be both, in fact,
But you were colder than I thought,

The way you tainted love,
The way you broke my heart,
It was so retro that I knew every time,
What you were up to then,
You were a squeaky wheel,
And you’ve squeaked enough,
I won’t grease anymore,
But it took too long,
For you to tear and shatter,

You weren’t good for anything,
But I loved you perhaps,
Because it hurts.

Written for Wordle#46 @ MLMM
Image Artist: GoldenInnocence

– Golden Innocence @ Deviantart


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  1. The stuff we do for love……

  2. Heartbreaking…:(Y so sad…??

  3. This is powerful and sad..

  4. Geeez Neeraj, you never disappoint me. I love this.

  5. Hits a chord, instantly.

  6. Impressive vulnerability. The way your poetry flows into the reader’s soul is incredible. The title is moving, perfect.

  7. This touched my heart in every sense.

  8. Well traveled through the cold veins of a coward who deceived

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