Discrimination, Jack Kerouac’s way or maybe not


Deft dip of tiny fingers,
In chai glasses, his pale eyes
Often dream of books,


He tore my clothes,
He annihilated me,
Yet I’m contaminated?


Just the diverse rituals we follow,
We are same blood and bones,
Lines we draw not Him,


She preserves life within,
She performs parturition,
Why can’t she study?


Either they’ll worship me,
Or they’ll fuck me literally,
But don’t kill me (un)born.

PS – I’m not sure if these go with the prompt but I had to write them, everyone has to, for the sake of humanity.

For Humanity and for Haiku prompt#45 @ MLMM as well.

- Nana Buxani
– Nana Buxani


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  1. I really liked each one of them — you are right, we have to do all this for the sake of humanity.. We have to keep it alive..


  2. These are powerfull, Neeraj, I am glad you wrote them!

  3. Such words are to be shared. I am glad that you did that. Some powerful and gut-wrenching commentary in these haiku.

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