She had mood swings,
Often in tune with librating moon.
She was more than one at a time.
So much more than I knew.
Cuddling with her was
The liquid pleasure.
There she was.
She was here. She was
I swear.

Her lips,
Oh so flawless,
Kept shut. But her mind,
I knew, was exploring
Like she knew,
I’ll die shivering,
Looking depressed,
Looking at her mouth and her neck.
And all the places
I wanted to kiss her at.
She knew that too.

Then so slowly,
She’d walk around,
Beginning to dance on her own tune.
I tried imitating,
Recalling the last tango we did together,
But every time was a new rhythm,
So I was naïve, always, with her.
She was unpredictable,
And surprisingly tempestuous all the time.
It was a pleasant surprise,
To know this part of her.
Yet she was kind.

Her heart was a home to pearls.
Her eyes were ruby.
Her exterior was rock-solid,
But she was hurt easily… by some.
Her laughter used to put back life in me.

She’d lay on still water,
Lost in imagination,
Holding strings attached to lily-pads.
She had fluctuating relation with stars,
Perhaps a mystery,
But she loved the moon.

She knew how to talk to shadows.
What a flamboyant extension to her psyche!
Her interior was full of liquid.
No wonder that I got wet
When oft her heart sloshed.
So much she taught me.
So much more
Than I thought.

I’m still learning.

Written for Photo Prompt#45 @ MLMM

Photo Credits: Kylli Sparre
Photo Credits: Kylli Sparre

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow…I think this is totally what i am…And i can confidently say that this on my sun sign Cancer isn’t it..??

    You have described it so nicely i am so short of words..Muje bohot zyada tarif kaise karte hain ya fir meri vocabulary tumhare jitni khatarnak to nahi hain ki difficult words use karke mere emotions describe karu…But it touched my heart…Hope to hear more from you for the same…

    Thanks a ton…Loved it…<3

    1. Hahaha.. You seem to know yourself much 😉
      I had to use this picture as an inspiration and the moment I saw it, I knew it’ll fit perfectly for a cancer woman. Thank you so much, your words mean I managed to do well.

      (Language is never a barrier. I know Hindi better than English. 🙂 )

    2. Hehe…I just meantbecause you have an awesum vocabulary which always reflects in your poem so i don’t kne much to use such high fundu kinda words.I always try to use simpl words with deep meang…Anywys thanks a ton fr d poem bcz i ws waitg frm a long tym fr a gud cancer poem..Evn i want to write one but i think i hv to practice more plus need more time for that..

      You alwyz describe things in very passionate and intense way thats what i like the most or may b i am a water sign thatsy…i luv d madness you always put in your poems though i dont hv enuf tym to blog or visit others i try my best to read whenevr i m free…

      And yes i love moon…:)
      Take care…!!

    3. Emotions and expressions are never bound to words, a simple word can stir the emotion like anything. All we need to do is find a right place for it.
      Everyone has a weak point attached to them, ours is water. 😉
      Thank you for the encouragement.

    4. Yes very true yaar…Thanks we are blessed with a beautful understang of humankind…Proud watersign & a cancerian…;-)

  2. globalunison says:

    This is an incredible move on your part. Since you came back to blogging after your so-called short-break, I was waiting for Neeraj to come. I was reading but I wasn’t feeling you. Finally, you are back!! What a wonderful poem!! I sure want to know your inspiration for this one!!

    Kind Regards,

    PS– Keep yourself close to ‘YOU’!

    1. There comes a time when we lose track with ourselves and at those moments what we need to do is: keep trying. I’m still trying. But am I not still me when not able to express properly?
      Thank you so much dearheart. I’ll consider your word of advice. =)

    2. globalunison says:

      You are still you when you aren’t able to express properly but the feeling is not the same. There are huddled in communication, I mean it’s difficult to reach you. But at the end of the day, like you said, we have to keep trying :))


    3. ‘Keep trying to be in contact with yourself so that others can reach you.’ would be a nice thought.

  3. slantofbeauty22 says:

    Very sensual. But I love it

  4. I like very much the notion of you learning but the image of ‘The liquid pleasure,’ I thought contained a beautiful sensuous vision.

    1. Blame it on the water sign! 😉 Thank you Sir. An appreciation from you always means a lot.

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