A reckless run,
A confession,
A life aching to be stung,
A comet carried ammunition,
To explode and resurface long lost potion,
The squirming earth,
Needing rebirth,
Anticipation unexpectedly twirled,
Jaw jammed,
Body ached,
Pride leaked down the spinal chord,
An astral force got him caught,
His nerves and senses mutely tied,
Magma tears drizzled through his unwritten eyes,
Those had picked an anonymous void,
Fixed on the spot,
Unlit but bright,
His skin got the graffiti erased,
Upon him a blinding thrust,
Heated fixture got the feel of a broken tape:
Stuck on constant rewind,
Playing nothing but,
Beeps and burrs;
He had a place here before,
He doesn’t remember anymore,
His ‘this life’ is a stupor;
He’ll go through it again,
This time, incontrovertibly, ahead.

Written for Wordle#45 @ MLMM
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  1. very here after long.. good to read ur work again

  2. Rebirth… We all need it…

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