Loved the crumble,
When we pressed bodies,
On fallen autumn leaves,
Poor they,
For they couldn’t know,
How breaking up extracted pleasure,
We were human,
Glad, we were,
So human,

Killing the poise
Was the favorite part of the day,
You were so adorable,
Getting inside,
Breaking me up,
Ah so blunt and dear,
We were human,
Oh God, we were,
So human,

I loved the part, specially when,
You had my heart in your hands,
Pressing in,
Letting no place to put my voice across,
Suffocation at its best,
All my holes so neatly pressed,
Choking in,
I felt never so gross,
But all so human,
So human,

The bridges fell sandwich,
North kissing south,
I bit my tongue,
Your teeth turned red in your mouth,
There was a connection,
We were human,
So fucking still human,

I bore than I could bear before,
I felt worse, and I felt better,
I’ve known love,
I’ve learnt humans,
I broke and it yielded pleasure,
Glad that I made it through,
Oh God, I’m just so human (sigh),
But you.

Image by: RealHaydenGabba

- Hayden Gabba
– Hayden Gabba

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Noora says:

    Wow, that was… intense, my friend. You’re such a versatile writer.

  2. globalunison says:

    It’s a great one.. We are so humanly human! (Sigh)
    But what others make special is our eyes and heart, nothing to do with them.


    1. That’s the best part, yay, we’re humans.

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