Mistakes Snowflakes

A time.. many times,
Mistakes showered like snowflakes,
I did know not,
But I shot them up;

They flew pappy,
Settled hard on the ground,
Around me;

(Not that really,)
But I woke,
After my fingers grew numb,
And lips cut blue,
As unbearably quiet,
The cold around me rose,

My harsh expulsion turned into yelling,
But ricocheted back at my face like frosty flare;

Till I stopped and hopped in,
To fix the snowflakes,
I mean mistakes;

Except before I try,
To my surprise,
‘No need,’
I realize;

Snowflakes did nothing wrong,
Mistakes wrought wisdom along.



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  1. lol love me some snowflakes! 🙂

  2. great poem ! Very insightful. Have a peaceful holiday.

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