Scorpio, The Survivor

There may not be a remedy,
Or an escape off enigma,
You make ponytails of deceptions –
Hope undresses;
The melody gets me,
Somewhat reddish,
And I’m melting,
Like a plastic puma;
The fallacy of your kisses
Does not ricochet,
Or leaves loopholes,
On blinding wall;
The intensity this emotive,
Tresses my soul with fetish,
Leaves me feeling the larvae of sanity,
Wriggling, expanding their density in me;
By the morning,
I’ll chop off these sprouting wings,
No, you can’t make me an angel,
My love is not divine… not for you,
Don’t forget,
At the end of the day,
I’m a Scorpio.
I’ll survive.

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Photo Credit:


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  1. Wow…Supp-ab…I love Scorpios…<3

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