Prior to, million untamed grit particles
Their spirits succumb,
Into the halo of void,
Like some invisible bijou black-hole,
Sucks them up,
Toward other side of hourglass,
…And my body lay dead cold.

I am inside her,
Deeply rooted,
(And her stone-cold fingers
Are slowly goring in my body
Like a bloodsucking leech),
Frozen with time,
Heeding the susurration,
(My shivering body produces),
The droplets of mine to fall,
In her deep chasm;
My almost helical veins
Are appearing
(Hard like copper wires),
On my forehead.

And she yells his name.

Written for Wordle#36



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  1. well pretty descriptive and intense, I like how well the emotions are described.

  2. I agree your writing is so visceral and so intense I feel every single word

  3. Deeply descriptive of the pain and loss of infidelity.

  4. wow – I was on this tantric wave and then… She called his name. She is bad karma!

  5. Excellent use of the wordle to create such a moving poem. Well done.

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