Burnish me black
If I drivel to the fountain
Life’s a performance, I can’t limp
Remind me patience if I carp
Vulnerability – such a shame,
Stare me red
Stare me blue
But I can discern:
Ancestors told us very few
There’s no letter coming my way
Sciamachy is an act of caitiff
Like trusting stones,
Burnish me black
In that stone paint
Life’s a performance
I can not limp.

Written for Wordle#29

Photo Credit: Wallpaper Mania



18 thoughts on “PAINT ME STONE

Add yours

    1. As I can see, you’re 7 and already following my blog. I like to mention that you shouldn’t be following my writings. My blog is meant to be for grown ups as it contains various emotions those are not for kids. I hope you understand.

  1. Sometimes quick writes are all we have time for. And when they do make sense all the better. Thanks for the new word I had to look up – caitiff.

    I had some fun with this prompt too.

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