Is on my mind I wish
To shorten up with some twist
At the angles it ain’t familiar with:
I mean your wrist.
My fist is ready to enlist
A few signatures with my signature style
On your face, at the jowl
And at every bone it may consist,
The aftermath would turn into few cysts
But it will still not qualify for the gist
Then in the midst of slightly getting pissed off by the fact that the few clouts would get missed.
I know it would be tough to resist
The temptation to get you down
Till you kissed the dust
So I would persist
To make sure that there ain’t exists
Any naturally shaped calcium in your mouth
Then maybe I would love to watch
You to make it through the exit
For an emergency landing at your dentist
Or if you linger for some undone business
I would be happy to assist.

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Image found at

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