The one
That’s beautiful only outside
Finds the flaws all around: Small eyes
Big nose and who use the hair dye they know,
For them the world is an ugly habitat
‘Cause they think they are beautiful.
The one
That has gone through few textbooks
Declares: He’s, the way he overlooks,
an erudite. Rests – just idiots
Their eyes – up, ears – shut
‘Cause they think, the whole thing they know.

If only it takes
To be ugly
To see the beauty of the world
I wish to be ugly
I better be,
Make me ugly
Then I’ll see the beauty
And I’ll be beautiful
In & out.

I invite you to add your verses in it. Feel free to share what you have to say. Let’s see how beautiful it gets.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. I trained my eyes
    to see beauty in ugly
    Ugly became my daily view
    I love ugly
    Ugly begins to glow
    Incouraging difference
    Can be beautiful, you know
    Can feed a soul
    Create a smile
    Fill a heart
    Ugly can send love forward
    Suddenly ugly stands taller
    Ugly begins to grow
    Showing beauty friends not foes
    Humbled beauty
    And around it goes

    1. Your ugly is beautiful. Loved the idea of carrying it ahead. Very nice 🙂

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