The night, she moved on

Asking me to touch her
Grabbing my hands to run over her skin
She says she loves me
I know she’s abusing
She speaks softly in my ears
Kissing them with her tongue hard on
She says “abuse me”
and my persistence is quickly gone.

My fingers soothe her hair
She appears no lesser than a wild cat
You know when they’re hungry
They would tear your flesh off and suck every drop of that
My heart crunches like the breaking ice
I’m literally trembling as she growls in wrath
71 comes before 69
Fuck, that’s completely a different Math!

When almost she killed her prey
She smiled then started crying
What the fuck? I wondered.
Learning that through all of this time I was actually enjoying
I was shocked and frozen for few moments
Seeing her breathing hastily laying with nothing on
I cut my wrist to awaken her thirst again
but the night was done and she’d moved on.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. words4jp says:

    Oh my. This is intense. 😉

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    This. Is. So. Good.
    The intense description of sexual tension.. wow. you are definitely very very good with your words. Painfully erotic and sad.

  3. Oh I agree the tension is painful, brilliant!

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