Retired and tired
for any physical activity
bored and stored
lots of wax in his ears,
Swinging and singing
the song of good old days
in his thoughts he runs wild, yet
rocking chair is where he stays.
Geek and weak
lacking immunity
tweaking ears, keeping eyes on kids
his sole responsibility
Round and round
inside in his ears he flips
his only friends are now
the tiny sticks called Q-Tips*.
Coughing and laughing
knowing he’s grown too old
collecting waste from ears
treating like the gold
eventually now
taking out the earwax
is beating the pleasure
of having sex.

*The term "Q-tips" is often used as a genericised trademark for cotton swabs in the USA.
Photo Credit: pinterest.com
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

13 thoughts on “Q-Tips”

  1. oh my – what an interesting piece – chock full of metaphors. the picture in my mind is very sad, but it is real – for someday, too, this shall pass….

  2. We in the USA call this “ear sex”. 🙂 it’s divine! I have it all the time. I could understand why, if he’s gone flaccid, he would replace it with the sensual art of ear sex. Great piece. I kept hearing it as a song – sung by Amos Lee

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