Dear Friends

This September for a complete month the copy of my first poetry collection REVERBERATING PANG is available for a free download. It is also available at other major distribution sites such as iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo.

Here are the links from where the free ebook can be downloaded.
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Additionally, if you want the printed paperback copy, you can follow the following link to get it.

Link to purchase the paperback copy of Reverberating Pang

Yours Thankfully,


13 Comments Add yours

  1. just purchased the kindle version

    1. Thank you very much Paul. Your feedback would mean immense. Do let me know how you liked it.

  2. soumyav says:

    Going thru the same.. enjoying the read!

    1. Thank you! It means so much.

    1. Please follow the link and download the epub copy. Let me know how you feel about it.

    1. Thank you so much. Don’t forget to download your copy. =)

  3. Shards Of DuBois says:

    woot woot, I love a freebie, but then you don’t get any royalty from it, so not sure if I’ll hit it now, or later….but will save the link!!! 🙂

    1. Every download helps getting the book up in ladder. Royalty would come afterwards (when the offer ends) ;). It is a token for my loyal readers. There are things more important than royalty i.e. a word of advice, constructive feedback, shares/recommendations. =)
      I would say download it now and let me know your thoughts.

    2. Shards Of DuBois says:

      will do!!! 🙂

    3. That would be awesome 🙂

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