Did you ever see the talking fish
Or eyes for that matter –
Talking the matter of hearts?
I did.
She had the most beautiful pair of those
Like the fish
Since they could not see, they talked
So much that lips can’t
And her lips didn’t
However I think they can
But apparently
Not to a stranger like me.

A gush of thousand stories passed through me,
Like an invisible entity would do
Without us realizing,
As our eyes met at the boulevard;
That look of a couple of seconds
Into her blank eyes
Fed me with so many emotions
Those can never be converted into the words
As if they contained
So much more space than
All the written words in the world
Collectively can capture
I’m spellbound to know
That how much those eyes can talk
Without speaking at all.

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Photo Credit:

10 thoughts on “THE TALKING FISH

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  1. Very beautiful and emotive. The image is superb. I just kept staring into those vast blank eyes. I think, when the eyes do the talking, there is no misunderstanding. It is only the ‘lip talking’ that ruins the understanding.

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