I wasn’t sure
What will come after me
After the broken sentences and dropped heartbeats
Burnt skin and momentarily satisfied greed
Messed up room and stinking sheets?
I was concentrating on parting legs
Concerned about the things
You would do in the deep
From the top.

I didn’t know
That a fall from the pinnacle would ache this much
As if an entire herd of bulls ran over me
And I’m left with nothing but pain
Still lying at the battleground accepting my defeat
Not bothered about who witnesses me
In the wide open window
Bruised and naked
With the tale of the night
Written all over my body,

I’m beginning to think
That this torment is temporary
And I will drool on you over and over
Till I come one more time
And fall asleep.

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  1. Chatty Owl says:

    After that, there is always a new morning..

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