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  1. SalvaVenia says:

    Very cool composition! 🙂

  2. globalunison says:

    Positive vibes with a great deal of creativity! A great one!


    1. Thank you dear, I’m hooked to the idea of visual poems, just trying to twirl my mind to get something nice out.

  3. Chatty Owl says:

    Clever. Truth! Inspiringly positive. You are awesome as always. Stop being so awesome haha.

    1. I won’t even think about. I can’t help it. Lol. 😀
      To be honest, I believe in life being a dream.. but I won’t wake up until I make it worth watching 😀
      Thank you dear as always for the encouragement.

    2. Chatty Owl says:

      My encouragement to you is honest and i think you are one of the rare gems here on wordpress that im “in tune” with. I like certain and specific poetry and you write it!

    3. What else someone here would like to hear other than these words? I can easily repeat just what you’ve said but I’m not that hollow to make an echo. So I’ll get back to you with a compliment that could dare to match your status. But you know I love you already? XOXO

    4. Chatty Owl says:

      People are here to read words that mean something to them. That remind them of their emotional state. You tend to be in tune with more people than others. You have a way with words. And thank you for not being an echo. I know you are sweet to me 🙂

    5. I so agree with you, everyone wants to be understood.. some read and some write to know if people are alike and appreciating what’s inside them. We are all same just the approach is different. And I’m happy to be understood by some beautiful souls. 🙂

    6. Chatty Owl says:

      The feeling is mutual thumbs up

  4. elmediat says:

    Very well done ! 🙂

  5. Visual poems I love the concept

    1. The concept is ancient. I’m only beginning to try a little. Thank you!

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