Ah, my feet off ground
I fly on bi-wheel machine
I’m unstoppable

They ain’t contest me
For her petals I relish
Ecstasy I breathe

Few buttons I push
Then do some (Gobbledygook!)
No? You’re so stupid

Crossed out bucket list
Met the quest of ice bucket
I’m epitome

A hum in gullet:
Lone I came so lone I go
I don’t need no one.

Written for Haiku prompt “Aham”

Photo Credit: reclaimingthemind.org
Photo Credit: reclaimingthemind.org


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  1. New. Interesting. No 2 is the best. But Im assuming you would have guessed that.

  2. but i think they are all the best….4 th is favorite

  3. Ha! Amusing and thoughtful at the same time. I liked the sarcastic tone of your creations; it being suitable for the prompt. 🙂
    Thanks for participating this week.

  4. Wonderful series of haiku on. ‘Aham’ … great haiku-style …

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