Do you ever feel this powerless?
That you avoid an eye contact with the mirror?
You know, like you’re shoved off
From the top of the Mt. Everest
And not even allowed to scream
While making your way down to the ground
‘Cause you just wanted a muffin.

I did this morning.

Ah, after that insulting night
I so wanted to shed my skin like snakes do
And find a colder place to hide.

No, I’m not the sinner.
She is!
Right there she was, on the bed
Shameless and arrogant
Just like the last night.

I didn’t ask why she was still there
Maybe she wanted to insult me further more
Hence I didn’t poke her.

Here is a little secret –
When I’m horny and dejected
I want something to eat so desperately
Anything, to satisfy my hunger
Before I shut myself in the bathroom,

So I was trying to find something
To spread on the toasts
Just popped out from the mouth of the toaster
Right then
She rolls her tongue and whistles at me
To get into the focal point of my retinas,
With the deliberate spread of her legs
Asks that shameless question
“Hey, you want peanut butter?”

Oh God,
This is why I’m still hooked on her.


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