By Default

Every night and day I replicate the things so futile I lay naked on naked sky and dream of your seamless eyes so bright & lost in the glitter of your favorite city, they flutter the dreams you use to nurture from the blood of this architecture – so fragile but determined to make amendments in the traditions this world comprehends and how often you complain that I don’t understand that there are faults in my stars; there are faults in your stars. We are the moons trapped in our arcs; there are faults all around us by default but it looks so beautiful, I mean the broken sky? And every night and day I replicate the things so futile…

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  1. Every night we try to recreate the reality around us, that is slightly better in our minds.. Either consciously, or by dreaming. The mighty sky, that changes constantly is a reminder how versatile our days are. Such a beautiful write, dear.

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